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His Darkness
I know the darkness within your eyes,
Those that have me chosen...
And your lips, between them lies
A paralytic poison.
You hold me, expose your soul bare
Whisper, "never leave"...
Those arms suffocate, cut off air,
You make it hard to breathe.
The nails that drag across my back,
Like writing on the wall...
Greedy hands compensate what you lack,
In your shadow I fall.
I remember everything, every sight and smell,
What happened in the night...
Now when I think of waking up in hell,
I just wake up in a'fright.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
Once Upon a Dream- challenge
Frozen lips, a face unkissed,
A castle in a kingdom- missed
Thorns sharp as razors edge
The princess teetering on a ledge
A dragon from her past unleashed
Her sleeping prince, out of reach
She picks up his fallen sword
Runs at the dragon, pushing forward
Finally prepared, dagger to heart
Her trusted air tears the beast apart
In green flames, the tyranny ends
Into the depths of the castle, she descends
But oh, too late, his lips are cold
Surrounded by the stench of old
It was not a curse in which they slept
But a deathwish made, a deathwish kept.
Unable to move on alone,
Inside a garden with thorns overgrown
She very tentatively, with motions nimble
Lays her finger upon the thimble
She lays beside her fallen love
Searching for strength from above
Into death her heart transcends
Her fairytale story finally ends...
But out in the mists, in the forest lost
A smiling figure she comes across
Her prince awaiting her beside a stream
To walk with her once upon a dream.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 2 0
The Flame
The pyre is set
The match is lit
With fire bright
My teeth I grit.
So seductive,
The little flame-
A burning flight
From the mundane.
With golden hunger
A spark of desire
A thirst to burn
Within your fire...
My breath you steal
My skin you own
My mind forsaking
All but the unknown.
A secret kiss
A fire set flame,
Come take my darkness-
Come steal my pain.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
I suppose it must be time to box away your things
Time to set aside the memories, the sadness it brings
Time to, with a weary soul, walk away at last
Time to tear you from my future, leave you in the past.
Time to swallow the reality of nothing left to mend,
Time that this great love affair finally come to end.
Time to patch up my heart. Preserve whatever's left...
Within this compassionate so you abandoned so bereft
Time for the dreams to stop,t he sound of your voice to fade
Time for me to accept losing all we've made.
Definitely time to stop wishing for you to come by
Can't keep remembering the way you used to sigh
Time to let go of the cadence of my name,
On your lips, on your smile, again and again.
Yes- time it seems to let you go, and start again anew...
But I fear no amount of time will stop me loving you.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 1 0
Those glassy eyes painted blue
Rimmed with tears, what to do...
I watch you as you watch me
Masks to hide our memory
No more time for us to grieve
I just wait to see you leave.
Those whispered words under lights
Strung about high in the nights
We look about with a soft gaze
Anywhere but into the haze
Where we sit close but far away
Never letting love in our way.
Those aching breaths, thoughts aligned
Masterfully, painfully designed
A catalyst of broken things,
Scattered pieces of scattered dreams
I still remain an obedient slave,
Still passive for the love you gave.
Those repetitive salutations, goodbyes
Weakened by that incessant drive
No rest for the weary, no calm for the weak
Nothing left for me, nothing I seek
No ribbon or bow to gift me this pain
Little left to lose, nothing offered to gain.
Those staggering moments of being alone
A habit, obsession, that's only grown
The silence becomes the words you spoke
My defenses, a reminder of those walls you broke
Nothing left here of the
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 2 3
Taking Advantage of My Memory
What's the capital of Tennessee?
What year did the slaves go free?
Why did Columbus set out to sea?
Who do you think looks like me?
When did we become a democracy?
Who the hell is Bruce Lee?
Who sings I want you to want me?
Who wrote the book Misery?
All these questions, don't you see?
You're taking advantage of my memory.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
To love the lost
Words, thoughts, oft cut short,
Silence appears your only retort
I dot my i's, my t's are crossed,
Still I hide my voice, to love the lost.
Shallow breath, in the mirror I look,
Reading my own eyes like an open book,
Yet I do ponder what this has cost,
Allowing myself to love the lost.
Whispers and hints I display,
When your smile comes out to play
But all my energy I do exhaust...
In an effort to love the lost.
Each dream trampled, as reality sets,
An empty bed filled with regrets,
And still as often as I am tossed,
I return each day to love the lost.
Moments where your warmth consumes
Hope in my heart, like a flower blooms
And then to die in your cold frost,
I wonder how I continue to love the lost.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 1 0
Thank you
Let me kiss those gentle hands,
Who guide me through sickness.
Let me honor your great strength,
That holds me in my weakness.
Let my words give you praise
For all that you have done,
As a lover, a brother,
As my best friend, and a son.
Let me thank you once more,
-For how to make you see-
Just how much I appreciate you,
How much you mean to me.
Thank you.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
I love you forever, I love you tonight,
I love you when I don't feel alright
I'll love you in the morning asleep in bed
Loving the dreams of you in my head
I love you each day, each hour, each minute
Loving each moment, wishing you in it
I've loved the memories, the hopes too
I've loved and cherished holding you
Even if loving you has gone away,
This love within me, will always stay.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
Wasting away, branded a fool,
Don't fall in love- my only rule
Sweet words laced with sugared malice
Puddles of love, in a poisoned chalice
Dreams of the future, left to rot
A noose tied in a forget-me-not
Poems of love written from the heart
Piece by piece tear my sanity apart
Written in ink, I pen my pain
Love demands another open vein
And as soon as you choose to forget
Another round, and it's back to roulette...
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 1 7
The Leap
Time slips past us, you hardly see
The impact that you have on me
Close at heart, yet far away,
You still consume my thoughts all day
And through the night in dreams I make
Wishes you're here when I wake
Every hope of our love is hastened,
By how many smiles are wasted
Waiting so patiently for time to pass
For you to be in my arms at last
If kept at a distance I do fear
That never again shall we be near
And why waste such a beautiful dream?
To go on alone feels so obscene
In my heart I do wander in hope
That perhaps in love, we can elope
Please do not remain far, I pray
Drop it all, and come with me to stay
Where you belong within my arms
Someone who loves your laugh, your charms
To cherish you day in and out
And hold you up, push away your doubt
This girl who needs you as her own
Who has within your love, grown
I miss you, I want you, oh god I do
I've gone over it through and through
No conclusion comes to me but this,
To find my way back to the love I miss
Never again in the darkness
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
The Lantern
Though storms do rage upon the sea,
I stay in the rain, waiting for thee
All night in watch I shall remain
On the tip of my tongue, your very name
The thunder growls and threatens me
But while you roll across the sea
I shall not from this lighthouse part
Far though you be, still close at heart
And ache though I may the darker it gets
If I were to leave, I'd fill with regrets
I cannot abandon the hope you may be
Only a short distance away from me
For when the sky turns blue from grey
I cannot think of a more lovely day,
Where the sunshine could pose more grace
Than it could falling against your face
In the arms of who held that lantern high
Peering fearless into a blackened sky
Nothing more than a whispered word,
A duty, a trial, a hope not unheard
I carry the lantern, I hold it alone
Guiding my love, guiding him home.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
The Sinking Ship
Oh I lay my head, down on the bed
In this sinking ship
The water floods, as often does
Drip, drip, drip
I close my eyes, ignore the cries
Of passengers below
Hold my pillow tight, to ward off fright
Wherever we may go
The lights flash, the people dash
To run like mice away
While I lie here, awaiting dear
My final breath, and day
The water rushes past, in so fast
To claim me in my sleep
While people grasp, climb the mast
Praying their life they keep
The water cold, wraps around me, old
As the ship shudders and dips
I'll fall I'm told, into death as I hold
Your name upon my lips.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 1 0
Poetic Musings
You hold me captive, you set me free
Each moment breaking and healing me
Every stone cast is another built
Against this wall of guiltless guilt
My strength gives way, I find yours
Within your maze of locking doors
Any clue or help is too vague to mark
A flash of hope, then back to dark
Wishing clarity, a sin to ask
Across this tightrope, a sea of masks
Every voice a whisper, a hope, a name
Meaningless tokens of a meaningful game
How clueless then, must I be
Driven blindly by such melancholy
Soon you'll be gone and where must I stay
Alone with my thoughts, you- far away
Cautiously going through line after line
Through every word, past every rhyme
Desperate for a message to cling to
Even just a whisper of intent from you
Afraid the poetry that I'm using
To cope, is just of my own musing
Compensating for that which I most fear
Losing (what I've lost) that I hold so dear
I hide it well, store my troubles away
But questions still plague me day after day
And a thought of if you will ever com
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 2 0
It seems darker tonight
On this winding road
Wishing every headlight passed
Means you're coming home
I look at every pair
Waiting for a sign
Hoping my fears won't be confirmed
Focus, stay right of the line...
It's not fair to care like this
Or question where you've been
But the miles keep counting up
And I'm tortured from within
Each light seems ever blinding
Like the pain I'm feeling due
To the question of faith I have
Not knowing if you're being true.
Would you tell me truly
If you were somewhere else tonight
Or would you be dishonest to me,
Or avoid my questions outright.
Did you know where you'd be later
When we talked today
Is that why you were so distant
Why you didn't have much to say?
I hate to be left wondering
Scared to even ask
Afraid that my suspicions be wrong,
That you truly had a task.
Afraid ever more to be proven right,
That you've mislead me again
Scared to lose this hope, this love,
Scared to lose my friend.
Can't help this sinking feeling
Like I'm being played like
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0
Death of Love
I must admit I live in fear
Of the death of what's so dear
Our love does linger here,
So very near, so very painfully near.
I have broke myself to save
That love that I so strongly crave
But isn't it true that I gave
All but the grave, all but the shadowed grave?
And if we should lay this to rest
Ignore the pounding beneath my breast,
Avoid the feelings I strongly attest,
I wish you the best, I wish you the very best.
Is this the choice we have to make?
There is so very much at stake,
So I pray look away in the wake
Don't see my heart break, don't watch my heart break.
:iconartistgirly-18:Artistgirly-18 0 0

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